dinsdag 6 maart 2012

Making plans

I always adored mice. Fifteen years ago years ago I made mice from polymer clay. I posted some photos I've saved but unfortunately I was not able to save everything I've made. There were many more mice then the mice on these photo's . I also made a grandmother and grandfather, a bakers, a whole mice family eating a dining table and a bridal couple who get married.
Of all mice projects I only kept the music box with te mother and her children.

Two years ago I made a new mouse. This mouse was bigger, about 13cm high and she could move because the body was made of fabric and iron. The head, the hands and feet I made with of polymer clay. She had also real clothes instead of clothes from clay.

Now I'm back on the point that I want to make a cute mice family. I found a Lundby dollshouse on market place that I like to furnish as a mice manor. I'm still thinking about how to make the mice. I do not yet know which materials I'm going to use.
Maybe polymer clay with a fabric body. Or clay in combination with hair to make a fur.
Or teddy fabric.... Maybe wool? I can't decide yet... 

You're welcome to follow my blog and if you have any tips, advice, ideas or mice links then I hope I'll hear from you :-)

Photo's of my Lundby dollhouse I post as soon as possible.

Gr. Nancy

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