zondag 29 april 2012

Winner Giveaway is chosen

The mice were celebrating and said Goodbye to Fluffy...

The winner of the Giveaway at mini-fluffies was chosen.

zaterdag 28 april 2012

What's Shabby doing there?

Her name is Shabby and she adores the mirror...


Haar naam is Shabby en ze adoreert de spiegel...

zondag 22 april 2012

Coco - Mouse at the runway...


Her name is Coco and she lovessss attention :-)

Made by Vall


Haar naam is Coco en ze is gek op aandacht :-)

Gemaakt door Vall


zaterdag 21 april 2012

Who is that little chubby? Sweety!

Who is that little chubby? Her name is Sweety and she loves candy


Wie is dat kleine dikkertje? Haar naam is Sweety en ze is gek op snoep

zondag 8 april 2012

A caring daddy and a little brother mouse

This is Sammy, the little toddler brother of Mathilde. 
She loves to ride him in the doll buggy and to play together with her mouse-dolly named Yelly.
He's discovering the big human world and likes to play with my finger!
This is Stuart, the father of Mathilde and Sammy.
Back in the days Stuart was a mouse who lived on 
different vessels till he met Mathilde's mother in the 

He is very protective towards his family, has 

an excellent smell and sharp teeth (haha) and always 
searching for something to eat to fill the hungry mice mouth.
Sammy misses a mommy but  haven't made her yet.
So Stuart, his daddy, has to comfort him.
A happy mice family...within the middle the lovely ballerina mouse Fluffy!

Vall offered her as a give-away for the opening our - no closed - website mini-fluffies. 

She now lives with the lucky winner.

zondag 1 april 2012

Hi I am Mathilde!

Hi I'm Mathilde, Nancy created me after throwing
away many sisters and brothers that were not
succesful.  It took her a week to make me!
But now I'm cute enough to stay in her Mice Manor.
Her daughter Vall made a little fellow named Sniffy.
He's strong and I'm smart hihi, we are now best friends!
Sniffy caught a cold last week and in the kitchen
we found a huge tissue box! And I found some
vitamins, how lucky!
Ahhh...it's heavy and I'm not so strong but I have 
to cure Sniffy!
While Sniffy is still trying to wipe his nose I finally climb
up the tissue box. Hee Sniffy, look what I found in one
of the drawers! A 
enormous vitamin C tablet! 
Take it from me Sniffy, it's so heavy!
Please come down now? 

And take a tissue to keep you warm.. 
With the tissues, the milk and the vitamines you'll 
soon get better!
Don't be sad Sniffy, when you are better we can 
play again!
Mathilde is not afraid of people. Are you not afraid of mice?

ps. we told Nancy and Vall we want more mice-friends so who knows ;-)

woensdag 28 maart 2012

Mouse in progress

From the moment that I bought a little Lundby dollshouse to make a Mice manor I wanted of course to create mice myselfe. A good working method or pattern is almost not to find on the internet. Ok, I understand, a good cook keeps his recipe a secret ;-) My daughter Vall has her own dollhouse blog and she liked the idea for making mice so much that we were thinking together how we can create our own unique mouse.

So, we designed a pattern and experiment with all sorts of materials to find out what we want for a nice little mouse. We are now so far that we both almost are ready with our first mouse, they’re becoming very sweet. 
Next week we hope to put the result on photo.
Will be continued…